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"Tone-deaf" can't even begin to describe Bethesda at this point. No pun intended, but if you haven't heard, here is what Fallout 1st is all about:

  • Pay $13 a month (or $100 for a year) in Fallout 76 to get access to unlimited scrap storage, the New Vegas ranger armor set, a private server for up to 7 of your friends, a "survival tent" for fast traveling, and 1,650 atoms per month.

Outside of the devs initially saying that all future DLC for FO76 would be free, let's break those things down a little more:

Private Worlds
  • This isn't what you're thinking. These "private worlds" require the Fallout 1st subscriber to launch them and then have either the host or another Fallout 1st subscriber stay connected in order to keep the server up and running. That's right. If a subscriber leaves, and it's only non-subscribers in the server, it will shutdown and not be accessible until the main Fallout 1st subscriber launches it again. ALSO, it cannot be modded at this time (which I'm sure will come later and be locked behind another pay wall).
  • What they should have offered: real private servers that I can host on my own system or web server, and that stay up no matter who is connected. This was a "no brainer" and them offering what they just offered screams "greed."
Unlimited Scrap Storage
  • Really? Remember when we were told that upping the stash capacity anymore would break servers? Turns out that was a lie. What they really meant was "things will break unless you pay us." Plus, you can use this ability in public servers...which essentially starts making this game similar to any other mobile game that requires you to pay for the best features.
  • What they should have offered: EVERYONE should have access to this feature. In fact, one of the first mods I installed in Fallout 4 was a mod to make all of my scrap and junk weightless. Again, here is Bethesda screaming "greed."
Ranger Armor, Survival Tent, and Atoms
  • Stupid additions to make you think you're getting something for your money.
  • What they should have offered: EVERYONE should get these things, maybe minus the atoms, as a way of them apologizing for all of the mishaps that they have created so far.

The best part about all of this is that it is happening on the heels of them delaying the giant "Wastelanders" DLC update AND is coupled with the launch of The Outer Worlds. Honestly, I've never seen a game company (Bethesda) make such a stupid move to push its customers to purchase a competing title (The Outer Worlds).

Anyway, can we all finally stop giving Bethesda money now? It is clear that their focus is solely on making profits and not on giving customers what they actually want. In the words of Harvey Dent, "you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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